Praise for Left In the Dark:

"This book is absolutely wonderful!! I had the greatest time reading, or rather, immersing myself in its sense of celebration. It not only evokes the spirit and experiences of another era, but shows that they are definitely alive today, even in these grim alienated times. In that sense the book is as politically important as it is entertaining, informative and revelatory. I am going to give copies of it to everyone who carries the torch for a more humanistic collective society and see if we can re-enliven that quality of spirit and community."

Jerry Mander, Author

In the Absence of the Sacred;
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television;
The Case Against the Global Economy


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Examiner, Oct 20, 2010
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South China Morning Post, Oct 17, 2010
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SF Bay Guardian, Oct 13-17, 2010, print issue, and online at
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Mubi, Oct 6, 2010

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